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I'm not sure what to do. I've been married for almost ten years, and have always gotten along with my in-laws; until recently. We moved in with them in the end of april (to save money to buy a home), and have already been kicked out. The first week was fine, but after that things became really tense. They wanted complete control over our finances, which we agreed to; because we were also having some financial difficulty. But then we had to report every dollar spent and was lectured about our choices. Needless to say it became over-bearing. Then my husband and his mother would argue weekly, and I would get phone calls from her saying we need to leave with our 2 children in tow. The problem is they argue the same, and nothing every seemed to get resolved; and we were told how horrible we were. 


me personal things when she left the dad. well here ill just make a list of the things she did to me
1.Said my daughter wasn't about sh**.
2.Told my husband he needed a dna test.
3.said i had a crater face.and that i looked like a man (i gurantee i look better then her and her daughter put together.)
4. helps with daycare and money for his babys mother and not for my daughter.
5.Treats my daughter like a ghost when we go.


When I married my husband I had no idea what I was getting into. Now I have a child abusing, suspected child molester, unable to take blame, hoarder for a father-in-law. A advoid her grandchildren ( mostly mine) on all costs, flip-flopping, back stabbing, wish-washy, unable to stand by herself, in denial for a monther-in-law. A 40 year old, running around like shes 19, getting huge tattoos acting like shes snooki, who still lives with her mom sister-in-law. AND...A Aunt-in-law who sends me emails telling me I am not a part of this female, calling me cuss words, who blames me for everything that is wrong with her family ( before I even came into it). 


My fathers son and I aren't married but consider eachothers parents as our "in laws." For the past two years we have lived with his mother. The first year was great because I worked and was only home to sleep. When we found out I was pregnant it went down hill from there. She relies on him for everything, for three years she was unemployed and he paid all the bills. She's had a job since November and thinks that she's worked hard for everything she has. Her son is all she has and refuses to let go. Any agruement they have somehow ends up being my fault. We plan to move in a year to a different state and she demands that we leave our son with her. I can't take it. She tells me how to raise him, when I already have 2 children. 


My mother in-law is coming to visit. My husband is so happy! I'm so pissed!!!
We haven't spoke in 3 years, until last month when she asked to talk to me on the phone to communicate that she had no choice but to invite three other people (that I have never met) to come along with her and my father in-law to my house! Yes, 5 people, we are out-numbered.
Of course it pissed me of, but for my husband, I keep quiet. But that's no enough for her! We live in Orlando, but she decided to get a flight to Miami, 4 hours from here! But that's not enough, she booked a flight that arrives at 5:30 AM!!! Four hours away and arriving at 5:30 AM!! And of course she wants the hole family to go pick them up. I said no. What happened? I managed to stay and keep the kids, but my husband went the day before to stay in a hotel by the airport. But wait, that's not all! In the Morning he calls me to say the flight (from Brazil) is delayed 12 hours!!! 


I don't know what to do anymore. My Mother-in-Law is visiting, and I can't take her anymore. She's extremely hard to speak to. If I have a problem with her or her lovely daughters, she yells and goes insane. She's verbally abusive as well. She has told me I'm "disgusting" I'm "crazy" and that she hates me. She is completely two faced and no one in my family can see it because she cries constantly and makes herself look like the innocent one. She's trying to ruin my relationship with my husband. I almost called it quits twice because of her. Not only is she mean with me, but she spreads lies, gossips, and accuses me of stuff I never did. I can't take it anymore. And I just sit there and put up with it, because she's older and I don't want to disrespect her. I tired to get my parents step in, but they don't want to get involved. My sister in laws are extremely rude. I don't even have a relationship with them. My mother in law had a horrible past life, but what she's doing to me theres no excuse for that. I think she forgot she once was a daughter in law herself! She constantly complains about my husband, saying she hates him and then two seconds later she says she loves him then cries..and puts on this whole scene!! WHATS WRONG WITH THEM?! LEAVE ME ALONE! What can I do?? 


My husband used to live with his parents when we were getting married. After we got married, he made me stay with them as well, for nearly two years. The worst two years of my life. My in laws are over bearing, intrusive & highly insecure beings. DH's mom still buys him underwear, DH is 35 now,thats how crazy the family is. My husband is afraid to cut the apron strings & refuses to see the above mentioned qualities of my in laws. Basically in the two years that we lived with my in laws, my marriage nearly ended with him. I put my foot down and told him that it was imperative we moved. DH insisted on moving somewhere closer to his folks. Trust me my mother in law from hell created enough drama when we said we were moving. Now we live 15 mins away from them. That hasn't stopped them from interfering in our lives. Me & hubby have a pretty much peaceful life, which hasn't gone down well with the in laws. Now my only prayer is that we move far far away from his family.I really hope I see that day in Jesus name, Amen! 


I have been married a little over a yr. my husband and i dated for about 2 yrs before getting married. from the get go his mother never liked me. she viewed me as competition for her son's affection (creepy right?). when my husband and i got married we told eachother that his family would not interfere with our marriage, or how we raise our son. 


I have this mother in law who always asked for money because as she said they don't have money to buy food and they're broke due to loans. we always argued with my husband when we were not yet married but was already pregnant with my firt child(now 5 months old). because i always had to tell my husband that we also need money for the delivery of my baby, we always then had a fight and mu husband then always called me a person who values nothing but money and have even said many things to belittle my personality. then that never ends even at present with another issues. on new year, we had conflict because of some reason and during the fight he then told that im so irritating then i told him back that he and his sisters are more irritating. her it comes to the point that he already put his hands on me. for me my life is so miserable and just today i feel like im about to explode due to anger... 


my mother in law lies all the time she just wants attention 24/7. the last 3 years we had christmas morning at our house, and had my husbands siblings and parents over, and my dad. every year she gives us a problem about it the first year she was hesitant to let us like its her decision so we told her be here at 10am and she said no i want to do it at 7am so we were like ok and we got up and got ready and she had the nerve to come at 8am, and last year she came late also and gave us problems about doing christmas morning again but we did it at 10am this time despite what she had to say about it.  

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