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My mother in law is PSYCHO!!!!!


My mother in law is PSYCHO!!!!! When my husband & I met, she LOVED me! When he proposed to me, she was thrilled! When we set a date- she told me she had to work that weekend {6 months out} and refused to take a day off of work to attend, so we had to change our date. She wanted nothing to do with helping to plan the wedding. Made it a point to come to my house to tell me she bought her dress, and she was sorry but everyone was going to be staring at her- not me- on my wedding day. On the day of my wedding, she insulted my memorial table, tried to take over my dj and photographer, interrupted our first dance, and told everyone she was the most beautiful person in the room. 


Here we are 1 year later and she swears up and down I'm the devil. She speaks to me like I'm ignorant and a child. Told me that taking advice from me would be like taking advice from a 5 year old. My husband and younger brother in law is so tired of her unbearable behavior that they ignore her phone calls and texts. Her reasoning behind that is because I am ruining their family. She even told my husband that he should leave me because she knows the perfect person for him! For the past 6 months every conversation she has had with my husband has been her complaining about me. Mind you I haven't spoken to her since February! I have tried to work things out with her but she sees nothing wrong with her behavior, and denies ever cursing me out, or saying anything bad about me.

I honestly don't know what else to do. My husband's solution is to cut her out of our lives completely. I've never been with any one who's parents felt anything but love for me. I'm afraid she will one day ruin my marriage, or that my husband will one day resent me for their ruined relationship.. But I honestly have never done anything to this woman other than defend myself against her.  

Written By: MyCrazyIn-Laws
Date Posted: 12/7/2011
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8/20/2014 10:17:41 PM
Don't feel bad my mother in law hates me . She loves me at first until we had our daughter . She didn't raise my husband . She gave up her rights because his bio dad was in & out of jail . They now want a relationship with him & they tell him every day how I'm a bitch & how crazy . I have NEVER disrespected them . They told me I'm not family because not blood . How they only act like they like me so they can see my daughter . I have kept my daughter away from them for over a week now . They are constantly calling my husband wanting to see her . They have lied about everything that has ever happened . They make stuff up that I never even said just so he will divorce me . Cameron wants a relationship with them because he hasn't had one . I honestly don't know why tho if my dad didn't class me when I was born & my mother gave up her rights I would shut them out of my life . I have been dealing with this for over a year now & yet I'm the crazy one . I can honestly say I have never tried to hurt them . But now I'm done . . . I can't handle it . I love my husband so much so I guess gonna have to deal with them . He hates that I don't like them but how am I suppose to act ? I emotionally can't handle it especially when they tell me they don't care about me that they only act like they do so they can see my child . I even co signed on a car for her so she could have something nice . I do try to help them but I just can't do it anymore . Am I wrong ??
7/11/2014 12:35:31 PM
I feel your pain, My mother in law is a junkie who drunken calls constantly trying to play a martyr. She called my father (who she has never met before this} and called him and I white trash because I refuse to answer her calls when my fiance ignores her and she wants to complain to me. My fiance wont take her calls anymore because shes so annoying, always drunk or on pills and telling us how we need to grow up and respect her and talk to her more. YEA because thats the type of person you respect and talk to. I was her maid for 6 months pretty much, cleaning up after her, doing her laundry, letting her tell me the same drugged up story everyday, come to find out shes telling their family the opposite, Im lazy and dont do anything around the house and boo hoo poor her. SO my fiance finally moved us out of the state which apparently was my fault and im trying to break up the family. she told me the other day that "I won" because he wouldnt let her come to our home ever again. Keep in mind I havent spoke to this crazy woman for a year and could care less what their relationship is like, HE wanted to get away from her. Shes constantly trying to break us up, when she was living with us she would always tell me I deserve better and to leave him and go home JUST so she could have him to herself, then say im lying and try to get him mad at me when Id tell him about it. She stole from us and threw away my plant that I had had for years from work so she could use my pot that it was in without even asking me. Shes psycho and Im so glad hes pushing her out of our lives.
1/25/2012 11:31:21 AM
Don't feel bad..let her feel bad she did it to herself shed the reason her son doesn't want to speak to her not u..if she is telling ur husband that he should leave u then she is selfish and doesn't care enough about her son to see that any women good enough to be his wife is good enough to be her daughter in law and sounds like ur husband loves u enough to keep that evil women away from u when u married ur husband u married him not his mother so if ur husband wants to curt get out don't complain BE Extremely thankful
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